Do you have a Canadian based Flight Simulator web site? Want tons of people to know about it? Well then, just become a member of! 
Here are the requirements:


  • Your site must have original content-must have at least one(1) Canadian Addon, specialize in a single topic of Canadian Flight Simulator Aviation, or be a Canadian Virtual Airline either based in Canada or includes HUBS in Canada – Virtual Canadian Pacific – I.E. Tim’s Ontario Project – I.E. Canadiar Central. However, if a site is deemed very useful for all Flight simmers, than is will also be alloted.
  • Placement of the Membership graphic must be located on the very first page of your site. Front page only.
  • Site must diplay the HTML text that will be sent to you in the exact form that it was sent to you and cannot be changed in any way.There, that was pretty straightforward eh? Anyhow, all you have to do is email us in the fashion below, and once we review your site, we’ll make you a member by sending you the HTML required on your site.
  • All members site’s will be listed in the Members Sectionwith a description of the site!E-mail your registration form to in the exact order as shown below:
  • Your Name
  • Your Site Name
  • Your Site Correct URL
  • What is your site about
  • Does is feature your own addons, or is it subject based- I.E. My Own Scenery Page, or Tom’s Canadiar CollectionThank you, and please wait up to 24HRS for a response.