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FlightsimCanada.com is dedicated to serving the Microsoft Flight Simulator Community with Canadian freeware. FlightsimCanada.com has the biggest collection of Canadian files found on a site based on Canadian content. The truth is, if we don’t have it , then it probably doesn’t exist! 
Enjoy your finds!

-Mike Kozakowski

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Kanata Designs has just opened up its doors. Download a brand new 747-300 right now.

Check out these awesome screenshots of the all new VIP Classic Wings Ultimate Collection.

AmEuro Virtual Airlines IAH Hub is celebrating their 1st. birthday. Join in with the festivities. LIVE CHAT SESSION WITH MICROSOFT! Sign up here!

Fuel Calculator v1.1 -Now here’s a really cool download for ya. This program will will calculate the exact amount of fuel you will need for flying almost any aircraft, anywhere in the world. Great download!

--COMING SOON– What does Air Canada, United, SAS, Lufthansa, Varig, Thai, Ansett Australia, and Air New Zealand have in common? The Star Alliance of course!FlightsimCanada.com is the first Flightsim site on the net to recognize the Star Alliance, and here you’ll find aircraft for all of the members. Not just any aircraft however! Each aircraft will be tested and reported on for the best quality, so that you can fly how and where the pros fly right in Flightsim ’98!–COMING SOON–

 FlightsimCanada.com would like to present to you Space Invaders. If you have IE4 or NN4 then have some fun with this classic video game. The good thing is, you don’t need any plug-ins, since this is all based on DHTML. So enjoy Space Invaders, exclusively at FlightsimCanada.com. 
Space Invaders was programmed by Scott Groppenbecker.Play Space Invaders Now